Medela, Inc.

Supplemental Nursing System Kit 150ML

$60.00 $69.00

Medela’s supplemental nursing system, known as the SNS kit, is a uniquely designed feeding tube device and baby feeding system made to provide long-term supplemental feedings at the breast.

The SNS can be used to assist babies that are

  • Born Premature
  • Have Special needs
  • Have Latching difficulties

As both a lactation aid feeding tube and a nursing trainer, the SNS is ideal for mothers needing to supplement their feedings with their baby at the breast. Designed to stimulate breast milk supply while also motivating babies who are learning to nurse, the SNS serves several important purposes – and can even provide additional milk while breastfeeding to babies who need it most, such as premature babies, infants with special needs and cardiac defects, and babies experiencing low weight gain.

What’s Included:

(1) 150-mL SNS container
(1) Cover
(1) Neck cord
(1) Valve holder
(1) Attachment ring 
(1) Tape
(1) Instructions for Use

Medela’s supplemental nursing system is intended for long-term supplemental feedings and uses gravity to encourage the flow of breast milk from its container to your baby. Moms seeking a disposable, short-term solution may benefit from our Starter SNS™ (sold separately), which is a lactation aid feeding tube and baby feeding system intended for 24-hour use when short-term assistance is needed. As with every Medela product, our SNS is designed with you and your baby in mind so you can feed your little one with breast milk for as long as you choose.

  • For hygienic reasons this product cannot be returned once opened.