Hauck Toys

Pizza Oven Playset

$44.00 $44.00

Pizza baking like the grown-ups! Here young pizza bakers can create their own pizza and spread the different toppings onto the pizza base with Velcro fasteners. With the help of the wooden pizza board, it goes into the oven, which can be opened and closed by a movable door. The toppings are stored in clearly arranged compartments on top of the oven.

  • Toppings such as mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumber slices, onions, bacon, and olives can be attached to the pizza pieces by small Velcro fasteners and individually arranged.
  • Four large pieces of pizza are connected by Velcro fasteners and can be cut using the pizza cutter
  • Pizza oven made of robust, high-quality wood with movable, transparent flap door
  • Cutting the pizza playfully trains the child's motor skills
  • Independent topping and baking promotes social skills and encourages role-playing
  • Ages 3+