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Petit Sol

Petit Sol Nursing Shawl in Stone

Petit Sol Nursing Shawl in Stone

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The Sol Nursing Shawl presents a modern and functional twist on a classic nursing cover & shawl. Our one of its kind adjustable neck closure allows for hands free nursing. Crafted from our signature knit organic cotton and rayon blend, the Sol Cocoon stands for quality and versatility, without compromising style or sustainability. 

Created for the Mama who wants freedom, function and style throughout her breastfeeding journey and beyond. 


  1. Nursing Cover/Cocoon
  2. Poncho & Shawl 
  3. Stroller & Car Seat Cover
  4. Scarf


  • Hands Free Nursing with our adjustable elastic drawcord to fit perfectly on the crown of mama's head while feeding. 
  • Organic Cotton & Rayon blend knit. 
  • Breathable for you and baby to feel comfortable.
  • Linen carrying case for easy pack away.
  • Vegan leather patch.     

One size fits all.

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