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    Baby Registries

    Baby Registries

    You're having a baby!!  This is the best news and everyone that loves you wants to be part of this journey. Whether they are near or far, they want to know how they can help or what they can get you and the baby!

    I remember going to a giant big box store by myself to scope things out for me and my husband. It felt so unnatural! What did I really need? How do I sift through all of the millions of choices in a way that makes sense for us??

    For over 16 years parents have turned to My Urban Toddler, a boutique children's store in Ann Arbor, MI for the best in kids clothing, toys, books, essentials and accessories.  My Urban Toddler is conveniently located in the new Arbor Hills shopping center in Ann Arbor, MI, just a few minutes to most Detroit suburbs.

    My Urban Toddler is carefully curated destination for discerning parents interested in the best clothing and products for their children that don't want an overwhelming experience.

    Expertly trained staff is always available to provide any help you may require.  They have been trained to deliver amazing customer service and can act as your personal concierge. They can assist with anything for your newborn to 12 year old, like helping you pick just the right dress, sweater, matched set, or essential like what they need for sleeping, eating, play time and more. 

    This is not the strollers and gear registry...this is the day to day registry for JOYful products that are beautifully designed and functional!  

    Please let us know if you need any help!