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Green Tranquil Teddy

SKU: 47205

Tranquil Teddy is a super soft plush toy that helps ease children’s fear of the dark or emotional situations by providing a familiar face and an illuminated glitter ball. The glitter will mesmerize your children and can calm them. Tranquil Teddy can be with them at home and on the go. Visits to the doctor’s office, new schools and traveling can be better with a Calm Down Companion.

Soft Plush companion has a soft LED light
Eases fear of night time or unfamiliar places
10 minute timer, will automatically turn off. Squeeze the bear for another 10 minutes if needed!
Can be put on travel mode to save on battery life
Batteries included

Perfect for On-the-Go
12 inch plush
Removable ball for active play


A cuddly friend to help you take a positive pause!

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