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Wonderful retro tin lunch box by Hatley. Made with 0.25 mm tin plate and a plastic handle, this lunch box will turn heads!

SKU: 56788

Pack her a healthy lunch in this cute retro-style tin plate lunchbox with pretty camping print.

SKU: 56789

This pretty tin plate retro-style lunchbox with rainbow and flying unicorn print will be an instant hit with your little one.

SKU: 56781

The Wow Kids® cup is a multi-function spill free cup that provides for an effective & healthy alternative to a sippy and straw cup, or a simple solution for those wanting a smoother transition to an open cup or just as an everyday fun cup. 

The innovative, yet simple, design helps introduce fresh foods at an early age, and gives babies a head start towards a lifetime of healthy eating.

SKU: 45244

ezpz's award-winning flagship offering - The Happy Mat!
The Happy Mat is an all-in-one placemat + plate that captures your kid's mess.